Conference presentations

‘Community, identity and non-profits in stateless nations: The development of parallel third sector ecosystems in Scotland and Quebec’ (with Michael Roy), ARNOVA annual conference, November 2019.

‘Individual, group and collective co-production: The role of public value in motivating co-production practices’, American Political Science Association Annual Conference, August 2019.

‘Facilitating public participation, co-production and self-organization: A comparative discussion of three approaches to citizen engagement’ (with Laurence Bherer), International Conference on Public Policy, June 26-28, 2019.

‘Models of public management and co-production by non-profit organizations: Evidence from three countries’ IRSPM annual conference, April 16-18, 2019.

‘Non-profit hybrids and advocacy: Evidence from organizations in France, Quebec and England’ (with C. Patsias) Rethinking Cross-Sector Social Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School, April 6-7 2018.

‘La conceptualisation de la co-production et le secteur à but non-lucratif: Comprendre les divergences entre les traditions de participation anglaises et françaises’, CRISES International Colloquium, Université du Québec à Montreal, April 2017.

‘How institutional logics shape co-production practices: Evidence from community regeneration organisations in England and France’, IIAS Study Group on Co-production of Public Services, University of Tampere, June 2016.

‘Conceptualising co-production and the third sector: Understanding divergences in the English and French participation traditions’, IIAS Study Group on Co-production of Public Services, Radboud University Nijmegen, June 2015.

‘Governance, Institutions and Co-production: Understanding Contextual Differences Between England and France’, International Research Society for Public Management annual conference, March 2015.

‘Co-production and hybridity: The case of public service social enterprises’, Policy & Politics annual conference, September 2014.