Non-profit Organizations and Co-production: The Logics Shaping Professional and Citizen Collaboration develops a novel framework for analyzing the practices of co-production between citizens and professionals in the non-profit sector. Analysing organizations in three contexts (Sheffield, England; Lyon, France; and Montreal, Quebec, Canada), the book examines the international differences between non-profits, evidenced by the way that they variously blend or assimilate the logics of the market, state and community, and how this shapes the motivations for and approaches to co-production at the micro level in each context. This book presents a major step forward in comparative non-profit studies and the co-production of public services. This book will be of interest to researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and graduate/ postgraduate students in public administration and management, particularly within Public & Nonprofit Management and Organization Studies. The book speaks directly to key contemporary debates in these fields, including the nature of organizational hybridity, public service innovation and approaches to service user involvement.


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